Sunday, April 24, 2011

hope of easter.

lately i've realized that many people in this world live without hope. i think i've kind of taken this for granted in my life. but as i've thought about it, i've come to know what i have that lets me maintain a rather constant hopeful and optimistic outlook on life.
i have the knowledge that i am a daughter of our heavenly father, who knows every little bit about me, better than anyone else, who loves me unconditionally and wants to give me all that he has, as long as i keep the commandments and try my best. because of this love and the sacrifice of his son, i want to be the best i can be and make the best of this life he has given me. i know that i can do all things with his help. i mean, how on earth could i have gotten through this semester otherwise?! i know he has a plan for me that will help me grow, help me accomplish the things i must accomplish, and life will be better [but not necessarily easier] than anything i could have possibly dreamed. with this faith, i know i can do all things and i can live every moment with the knowledge of my divine worth.
i hope this easter season we will all be able to reflect on the blessings we have been given [having a computer to read this a amazing blog is a good place to start:] and recognize the love of our savior and the hope he has given us. click here to learn more.
happy easter friends.


Piril Maria said...

Like it. =)

♥ Greets,

Allie said...

Lovely post. :) Happy Easter!