Friday, March 11, 2011

tune town.

last week i was listening to the tegan and sara pandora station.
i don't know why i've never listened to pandora before.
here are some gems i discovered [and rediscovered] whilst listening:

- on the radio regina spektor
- sea of love cat power
skeletons yeah yeah yeahs
- wake up arcade fire
- crystalised the xx
- be still my heart postal service
- if i ever feel better phoenix
- naive the kooks [for sm]
- taxi cab vampire weekend
- time won't let me go the bravery

i'm pretty sure vampire weekend and the bravery are going to be the soundtrack of my summer.
happy tunage!


Jessica said...

Do you like Fictionist? I don't know why I thought of it, but I just thought I'd ask. They are a Provo-based band.

Li-Sha said...

vampire weekend = love. c

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