Wednesday, January 19, 2011

baby bro.

david is probably the cutest boy man kid i know. i am seriously shocked at how much older and taller he is every time i see him. and today he turns sixteen! what?! he can start dating and driving now?! 
here's a little visual timeline since i moved to college:
summer 2008
 summer 2009
 christmas 2010
david is so smart and so fun to be around. i love hanging out with him.
we always bond over tv shows and movies. we never even send each other real texts other than quotes. literal examples:
(ten points if you know these quotes)

david: she's a gdb...
ahlin: ugh, you're the worst.
d: s? did he say s?
a: wait, you guys are having nuggets?... can i come?
d: troy and abed in the mo-o-orning!
a: and the leg-endary bigfoot!
d: ya bit?! ya bit?!
a: parkour!
d: 'you can't do that' 'have you met me?!'
a: how can too much of something so delicious be bad for you?
d: and remember kids, don't buy drugs... become a rockstar and they give you them for free!

yeah. he's pretty cool. this is possibly my favorite picture of him.
word is bond.

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Arrington's said...

He told your mom he wanted DinoBites for his birthday dinner. Apparently those are chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs....offensive. The good news is they invited us for dinner...
Love you David