Saturday, September 11, 2010

to the rest i am blind

i love reuniting with old friends. which is what i did last night.
i got to see megan after many long months of hard separation.
we did our traditional cafe rio dinner [she didn't even have to ask where to go. we are so awesomely predictable] and then went to the [free] nik day and benton paul show, which was on top of a parking garage across from sammy's. it was a really cool set up.
holy crap he looked right at my camera. love him. so. much.
also. his edward-hair? love. and his jacket. and his sparkling silver tie.
his wedding ring? not so much.
me and megan after the show. i heart her pretty face.
please do me a favor and check these guys out. it will be for the betterment of your ears. and eyes.

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