Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the great outdoors.

i was waiting to get some pics from leslie before posting about the weekend but i decided i could do without. i may or may not be a lazy person.
friday night a huge group from our ward went to the manti pagaent. it was pretty great, it pretty much made me want to go read my scriptures for an hour.
after that me, sarahmaines, leslie, adam ruri and a few other people went camping at a local park. instead of going to the trouble of setting up tent we decided to sleep under the stars. it was so beautiful and fun, even if it started to rain for a couple minutes haha. sarah and i talked and talked and ended up going to bed at 4 only to rise with the sun around 6:30. was there such thing as sleeping in back in the day?
we got up, ate some provided pancakes and eggs for a mere 4 dollars and then went a couple towns over to visit a friend of adam's and go on a hike. it was very eventful [dancing and singing and bones, oh my!]. after that we went to a local pool, swam, hung out and made it back home in time to witness the end of the usa's 2010 world cup career. sad face.
i then took a nap and visited my sister lauren where we bonded over scrapbook paper and our love/hate relationship with running. it was good to get a bit pumped up by her before i did a [i think my first] 4 mile run. woot woot. go me.
then sarahmaines and leslie and i proceeded to watch the notebook [maybe or maybe not in the deserted 203...]
that adds up to a great weekend in my book! if i'm not lazy and decide to get the pictures of our adventure from leslie, i'll post em. but for now, just go to her blog. word.
this i stole from her blog. because i heart it. and it be cool. i spy some awesome peeps in brad's stunnas.

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Jennifer said...

Haha I love that line "I may or may not be a lazy person" I feel the same way!