Friday, June 11, 2010

europa day 14 and 15

day fourteen (6.10) : we woke up on the ferry, packed, docked and left by noon. we went to an orthodox church before arriving at our hotel. for the rest of the day we swam, laid out, and relaxed. in greece. it really doesn't get any better than that...
how awesome was our hotel?!

day fifteen (6.11) : we woke up, ate breakfast and left for athens. on the way, we stopped by delphi. it was really neat and had so much history behind it. we toured through the apollo ruins and went through the museum before we left. way cool.
the ruins were all so neat.
at the stadium at the top of the mountain. i am the champion. my friends.
our bus was massive.
overlooking delphi.

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emily said...

oh you are making me miss europe so much!!! how lovely is greece? :)