Saturday, May 29, 2010

you know you want to know.

remember how i'm a psychology major? remember how i'm taking psychology of gender right now? remember how we always have some type of research project to do in all of my psychology classes?

ok cool.

well, i don't know how much i can disclose about my group's research project but let's just say it has something to do with flirtatious touching.

interesting, no?
so, if you could all help a sister out and take this teeny tiny survey (seriously, 5 minutes tops), it would be greatly appreciated. and tell your friends too. the more the merrier.

thanks so much!

image via weheartit


alli said...

I took the survey, but some of the pictures only had one response least in my browser (firefox).

Anonymous said...

wow...Sounds like fun. I'll take the survey now.


Anonymous said...

since your facebook account is non-existent, we're over here.
clicked on the survey.
are you a byu student. cool cool...
what is your nationality, american, japanese, other. i know where this is going...

Anonymous said...

oh yeah that ^ is not some joe you've never met. that's george.
also, i am way interested in what you find. toodles!

Alyssa said...

did the survery - made me think oh gosh, do people think im flirting just because i touch them??? :)

hopefully you can share some of your findings when its done, would be very interesting!