Wednesday, December 12, 2012


i am a huge fan of consecutive numbers. or any patterns of numbers really. i get this from my dad, i'm sure. remember my eleven eleven eleven adventure last year? it was a big deal and it was kind of amazing. these consecutive dates aren't going to happen again until january 1st, 2101. i can't even comprehend that right now.
this year my roommates are having a 12/12/12 chrismakkuh extravaganza. it is bound to be legendary. i will give details of the party later. just know that ugly sweaters and my christmas socks are involved. for now, i will list twelve things i love about my life at the moment:
  1. everything the killers have given me this year.
  2. my beautiful and apartment and bedroom.
  3. the fact that i get to see my family in ten [!!!] days. should the world choose not to end.
  4. and i get to see the killers in seventeen days.
  5. learning that things can change drastically in a short amount of time.
  6. robin sparkles, my spirit animal rav4.
  7. my rediscovered love for reading and writing.
  8. the velvet taco.
  9. my family and friends who love and support me and think it's awesome i live in texas.
  10. i live in texas.
  11. being gently reminded that you never get to stop making friends.
  12. learning that i really can have great control over my life and attitude.
happy 12/12/12 y'all! go kiss someone's face.

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Sarah said...

I love this. And I love you.