Saturday, November 17, 2012

closing time.

today i am moving from my first post grad apartment.  usually i am extremely sentimental about these  kind of things but it didn't really hit me until yesterday that this was the end of an era. i have been in dallas for almost six months. sometimes it feels like i have been here forever and sometimes i still stop and think 'what? i live in texas?'

i will be moving in with a couple girls i have come to know and love and i am so excited for this move.  although i love living by myself, this change will be good in so many ways. i spent my last night alone packing, eating froyo and sweet potato fries, and watching 'moonrise kingdom' [loved it, by the way]. a solid end to my roommateless life.

these past six months in dallas have been amazing and i have grown so much. here is to the next six months! [in a much nicer apartment!]

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Sarah said...

can't wait to hear about your new place!