Tuesday, October 30, 2012

thirteen point one.

welp i did it and it was super great.

a synopsis:

it was fffreezing early saturday morning. we started at 730, ran around downtown and uptown and around some homes whose beauty is hard to beat. my playlist was tailored to perfection. mr. brightside played at the exact halfway point, all i do is win played during mile twelve [arguably the worst mile of all the thirteen point one] and battle born was my finishing song. just a taste of the perfection:

when they knock you down / you're gonna get back on your feet
cause you can't stop now
did they break your heart / did they cause your soul to mourn
remember what i said, 'boy, you was battle born'

and you know what? my soul did mourn. i had been pretty stressed about the race all last week because i hadn't trained very well for the last few weeks. my body could feel that stress all week and throughout the race. when i crossed the finish line, i actually started crying. tears. i was crying tears. it was like instant relief that i didn't know i was seeking. and it was the best feeling.

a huge shout out to my beautiful friends who were holding signs at miles eight and twelve and at the finish. it makes such a difference. and a special mention to my running partner shana who has been training with me these past couple months. can't believe we finally did it!

now. some pics.

 post run brunch. yum.
i beat my pr by five minutes! and next time i plan on getting under two hours.
yes. next time.

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