Tuesday, October 23, 2012


i cut my hair.

it was long and i cut it.

and it felt goooood.

plus the girl who cut my hair was possibly the cutest nicest girl alive and she did such a good job and it does my heart good to have someone who i enjoy who is so great and who won't let me look like a crazy when cutting my hair because do you know what moving means it means having to find all these new people to trust to take care of you i.e. dentist, nail salon, optometrist, etc.
more layers. kept the middle part. thinned it out a bit. lovvvve it.

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Kellie Ann Prusse said...

I love it. You look amazing as always. We need to plan a Dallas trip. Once I get my schedule settled, I'm going to call you and we are going to have a little chat. Love and miss ya!!!