Monday, October 1, 2012

but for now, a happy list.

it is october and that means many things and i know i have been m i a but we are going to pretend like i haven't and we will just be ok with the fact that i will relay my life - my great, ordinary, exciting, frightening life - in later posts.

but for now, since it is october, since it is fall - apparently eighty five degrees counts as fall here - here is a list of things i have been thinking about that i truly, thoroughly enjoy. enjoy.

  • forgetting that time exists.
  • when people are sincerely kind without any hidden agenda.
  • a freshly showered man.
  • the way people say my name right before they say something meaningful.
  • children holding my hand.
  • eating pancakes after a long hard day or early in the morning while i'm still in my pajamas or any time really let's be honest.
  • wearing a sweater at the beach.
  • realizing that a song, a quote, an outfit, a person, a meal gets me, like really gets me in a way that i didn't even get me.
  • when preparedness pays off.

happy happy.

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