Monday, August 13, 2012


figuring out how to balance everyday life and things that just happen to come up is proving difficult. i wonder if it is something that i will ever master. if you know the trick, please share with the class. between working 8 to 5 [which actually means not being home from 7:30 to 6], semi-important to do lists, great intentions to work out, getting enough sleep so i don't feel like a train hit me the next day, and being somewhat social [just to name a few], i just can't seem to get a handle on it all.

wo is me.

in the meantime, enjoy this amazing girl who i recently met. she just got back from driving to 48 states in 52 days. no joke. kind of incredible. girl is straight crazy. crazy awesome.

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Appa said...

She hit the same corner of Nebraska that WE did on our 2003 trip! Funny. I wonder if she stayed in the same Fleabag Motel (go Cornhuskers!) we did.... :-)