Monday, July 30, 2012

gettin crafty.

last weekend i decided to make my apartment look like an actual apartment and like an apartment that would belong to me. thanks to some great sales at michael's and target, i was able to get tons of glitter for a dollar, a full length mirror for four dollars, a large jar of modge podge and other goodies. which, with some leftover cardboard from my massive bed box, i made a nice arrangement over my couch.
yay for glittery gold glitter. and yay for hanging things all by myself. #singleliving


Cassie Nafziger said...

Love this!! Such a cute idea--what inspired this project? I love how you cut out the letters and made them glittery. How did you hang them? Tacks? Tape? Super creative and I'll have to share this with my friend!

Rodriguez's said...

It turned out so great....oh creative one!

Lula. said...

Love it.