Monday, June 25, 2012

first day.

so my first day of work was three weeks ago today. i was so nervous but excited and eager to get started. my dad drove me to work and i hardly said a word the whole way. basically i was just trying to keep my breathing under control. plus i was still sick and i was still unable to wear makeup that entire week because of the pink eye eye drops i was using. so that was super cool.

anyway, i started off the day with a shower and a superb breakfast, as well as my favorite pandora station. pandora always knows what's up.

my first day went great and i really like the people i work with. they are super chill and really nice. so i liked them from the beginning. after work my dad and i drove by the lds temple and then went on a hunt for a car. i was completely beat by the end of the day but i would say it was a huge success!
i am loving this texas sky, that is for sure.

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