Saturday, May 26, 2012

real life.

after this four years ago
and this four weeks ago
i'm taking another step that only slightly concerns my life and by slightly i mean totally.

i got a job.
i got a real life full time job.
and it's in dallas. as in texas. as in dallas, texas.
as in i'm moving to dallas, texas.
like next week.

i've never been to dallas and i am so excited and nervous and excited and nervous but mostly excited and grateful. huge shout out to jeff johnson, adam ruri, and anna hayes for being super great and awesome dallas supporters since the beginning of this whole ordeal. thanks guys. thanks a lot.

here are my uncles' reactions. i kind of love them.
i'll be working at rinchem as an administrative assistant. i really am so so so so so excited.

now here are some fun facts about dallas found from its wikipedia page. because, let's be honest, i totally read the entire thing when i realized it was a possibility i could be moving there.

dallas is the third largest city in texas and the ninth largest in the u.s.
the dallas/fort worth airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world.
dallas is mostly flat and has a humid subtropical climate.
dallas as fifteen lds stakes and is home of the first texas temple, built in 1984.
in 2011, dallas became the first city to host the superbowl, world series, and nba finals all in a 12 month period.
dallas is home to the cowboys (football), mavericks (basketball), rangers (baseball), stars (hockey) and fc dallas (soccer).
and my personal favorite, notable people from dallas: lance armstrong, george w. bush, chris harrison, nick jonas, demi lovato, leighton meester, ashlee and jessica simpson, selena gomez, usher, vanilla ice, and owen and luke wilson. boom.

needless to say i think i'm going to fit in pretty well there.


Carrie said...

wow, that is really exciting! i wish you all the best. :D stay safe.

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Appa said...

Great post! You've come a long way, Baby! LOVE you so much. Can't wait for our STG-DAL roadtrip. Tomorrow!

Anna Matkin Hayes said...

i just saw this and first of all: you're amazing. it is way too easy to be your cheerleader. dallas has no idea what is coming. nick jonas AND selena gomez?! pretty positive you will find them and i will be jealous. ILY.