Monday, April 9, 2012

the ship of dreams. in 3D.

if anyone has talked to me in the last few weeks, i'm sure you heard how excited i was for the rerelease of 'titanic' in 3D. i mean, even the ads on my 'scramble with friends' game knew it.
 we pre-ordered tickets and planned to go wednesday at the mammoth theatre at thanksgiving point. then i got the worst text of my life a couple hours before it started. i may have had a mini tantrum in the middle of university avenue.
 boo. it's ok though. we ended up going to a different theatre. this was my attire...
yes, i did in fact have this laying around. i had been waiting for this exact occasion to wear it.
needless to say, it was amazing. best three and a half hours of my life. we ended with some interpretive dancing and karaoke to celine dion's 'my heart will go on.' pure genius.
then we saw this red velvet throne, so we had to takes pictures with it, obvi.
we will never let go of the journey we went on with titanic. never let go...

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