Tuesday, January 10, 2012

insta break.

here is a collection of randoms from my time in st g. fun fun.
beautiful jade . gina joining in the conversation
tracky boy playing guitar with george . lego christmas train
favorite: a muppet's christmas carol . christmas treat tradition
my new earrings i am slightly in love with . david or 'obi-wan gay-nobi'. nice.
sherlock holmes . david loves hanging out with all girls
loving harrison right now . elephant shortcut rocked it in southern utah
my christmas craft . i caught david smiling in his sophisticated look
wrapped gina in plastic and left her . used my pedicure gift certificate. thanks santa!
 new boots!!! my other ones were literally falling apart . scrabble knows.
ringing in the new year with some vintage dp . sunday tights and leah's pumps...

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