Tuesday, December 27, 2011

may the schwartz be with you.

one of my goals for christmas break was to watch all the star wars movies. after much debate and counseling, i decided to watch them in order of episode one through six, so i could end on a good note. i have seen them all before multiple times but not for a while and never all sequentially. so this was very exciting for me and now i have all my own thoughts and feelings about the series. for example, R2-D2 is definitely one of the best characters of all time. and han solo and princess leia are hands down the greatest couple of all time. and the palpatine is cray cray and creepy. of course i documented my adventure:
episode one: really the only good things about this one is liam neeson, obi-wan kenobi, and darth maul.
episode two: enter my love for hayden christiansen's face.
episode three: darth vader's first appearance and some of the worst romantic lines ever.
episodes four through six: gold. just pure gold. and you bet i watched it vhs style.

right now i am on a bit of a harrison ford kick so i am thinking indiana jones is my next venture. or harry potter. 
cue groans from my family. i ain't even mad.

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