Wednesday, December 7, 2011

eating with friends is always a good idea.

a few weeks ago i got to have dinner with two of my favorite people ever, rachel and codi. we went to pizzeria 712 [their name always reminds me of entertainment 720] and it was amazing! seriously, some of the best pizza i've ever had and the whole place had a really cool feel to it.
love these girls.
next they introduced me to the pazookie at the chocolate. basically it is a huge chocolate chip cookie that is pulled out early, still hot and gooey, and topped with ice cream. it is probably definitely the most delicious food to have ever entered my mouth. seriously, new favorite dessert.
yeah... we cleaned it right up.
saturday i went to lunch with my sisters and cousins. we were there for a solid three hours just talking and eating and laughing. it was pretty great.
afterward we went to a couple bridal shops to check out the veils for my cousin.
sister pic! silly pose...? i really hope so.
the next day i got to hang out with even more of my favorite people. jeff and i went on a walk after church and took this cool pic. i love the mountains. can you spot us?
later i went to leah's for a delicious lunch and chatted with her for a while. after that i went to my friends' heather and todd's house for dinner. and then todd made us cookies while we sat and chatted, giving us a little dessert appetizer while we waited. have i mentioned that cookies slash cookie dough is my favorite ever?
i did some serious socializing and eating that weekend. and i am a fan of both. so i deem it a successful weekend indeed.
crap, now i really want some cookie dough.

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