Wednesday, November 30, 2011


it was just mom, dave, david, and me for thanksgiving which was super fun and chill. we ate a delicious breakfast complete with mom's delectable orange rolls and pumpkin pancakes, david's famous eggs and ham, dave's amazing ham, potato, and pepper jack concoction, and my crazy awesome eating skills.
 after some naps, mom and i went for a walk. it was so beautiful and warm. thank you southern utah.
 then we started with the dinner preparations. mom basically owned everything. it was amazing. i did put the turkey in the oven though #whatup. and i made the marshmallow brown sugar sweet potatoes which turned out pretty amazing, i'm not gonna lie.
another successful thanksgiving meal! so delicious, and i didn't even get a picture of my mom's homemade apple pie, which is probably my favorite pie ever [after pumpkin]. and it helped with my post thanksgiving morning tradition, pie for breakfast! every year. best self tradition ever.


Elle Keeps Moving said...

must have those rolls. now.

Meredith said...

I love that you guys ate breakfast and then took naps.