Monday, September 5, 2011

new look.

so. i'm sure you may have noticed by now. things have changed up a bit around here. i created some new pages at the top. here's a little taste of their contents:

it's just me - a little intro to me and the blog.
linked - other places you can find me on the internets.
slightly inspired - blogs i like to read because they are awesome.
words to keep sane - quotes i like.
in the limelight - things i'm liking at the moment.
ear candy - my playlist [it's back].
questions i am frequently asked - just some faqs. that may or may not be actual faqs.

i also simplified the sidebar as well as added some things about me.
oh and i changed the name. duh.
i'm going to be more interesting on here too, i promise. lots of myspace pics like this coming your way.
just kidding. i swear.

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