Wednesday, September 7, 2011

adult things.

so my blog friend jordyn [who i recently met and is awesome] does a series listing adult things she's done vs. kid things she's done. they are kind of brilliant. so i decided to come up with one of my own. [her's are way better though, trust me.]

recent adult things i've done:
  1. moved all my things into my new apartment by myself.
  2. started working again. yay for paychecks.
  3. took my car to the dealership to get fixed and talked shop [kind of not really].
  4. shopped at a health food store. look at me go.
  5. went to fhe all by myself and met people.
recent kid things i've done:
  1. i decide multiple times everyday it would be best to never leave the safety of provo.
  2. then i call my mother for reassurance.
  3. got nutella crepes at ihop, completely ignoring the 'fit and simple' menu options. #getinmybellay
  4. freaked out like a little girl when i saw david archuleta.
  5. watched 'tangled' three times in two weeks.
after the third time watching 'tangled' i found this gem on youtube. please note the wink at 2:00 and die with me.


Jessica said...

Tangled = amazing. I watched it three times in one weekend when I first saw it Winter semester. I found that gem online, too, but your version is clearer. I must 1:59 I was getting a little nervous that Alan Menkin was going to be the one doing the winking. Thank goodness I was wrong!

Libby said...

that is my wedding song! I looove it. but I dont think they sound very good in that video : /

codi said...

i wont tell you how many times i watched and rewatched the wink. geeeeee whiz.