Monday, August 22, 2011

screen shot.

i have really been into screen-shotting [yes, that's a verb] things on my phone as of late. here are just a few gems i've collected:

words with friends does not approve of my word choices.
 gina sent this to me one morning. #goodonegina #sadbuttrue
 i think this is the best text i've ever got from my dad.
i woke to this text one morning. this is my new standard for responses from boys to me.


Anonymous said...

a) i love screen shots.
b) i love that (besides the words with friends) i had already seen all of these pictures. #besties
c) your dad is seriously so awesome. that is how everyone should feel after watching 'never say never'.

Elle Keeps Moving said...

i have the SAME problem with words with friends. who says boo-ya isn't a real word??