Sunday, July 17, 2011

california haps.

sometimes it seems like all i do is wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, and go to bed. but i do more, i swear! i watch jeopardy between dinner and bedtime. me and alex trebek be tight.
ok ok i do more than that. here are some haps over the past few weeks.

my dad took me to kobe, a really nice japanese restaurant. we had AMAZING food and watched one of his high school friends perform with his son. it was so fun! and they were fantastic.
my first time eating chipotle. delish. [i still miss cafe rio though...]
 my uncle went biking in laguna beach. it was so fun! and hard. but it was really pretty and quite the adventure.
 we made it! why yes there was an american flag at the very top #teamusa.
 my friends heather and todd got married in la so i went to their reception in valencia. it was so beautiful and they were so cute and happy. yay for love and marriage!
 so... yeah. my life is pretty happenin.


Rodriguez's said...

I love them! So happy I had a chance to meet them in Provo. All your friends are amazing! Miss you lots.

Megan said...

um. miss your face. and love that blue dress.

Katie Marie said...

Ahlin. STEAK burrito. STEAK. Was my text not clear enough?! You can't get the barbocoa at chipchip. Thats like when Brady went to Cafe Rio and tried to get the steak. Just doesn't work. I'll give you another chance to get it right, though.