Thursday, June 9, 2011


in the next week i have to:
  • take my fourth math test
  • finish all my math homework
  • study for and take my [comprehensive] math final
  • turn in an eight page issues paper
  • complete my group english project
  • write my english final
  • find somewhere to live in fall
  • sort out details of my internship
  • have a super awesome birthday party
  • pack all my belongings
  • thoroughly clean my apartment
  • get the heck outta p town
hence the lack of posts. hence my lack of personality and desire to do anything.

sometimes it's hard to remember why i go to school. i should probably write a list of reasons so i don't do something stupid.


ktb said...

good luck! Also, i love your giraffes! They're my favorite ever!!

Rodriguez's said...

Happy Birthday Month! Loves