Monday, May 9, 2011

mother, i love you.

[some] reasons why i love my mom and nominate her for the 'best mother ever' award:
. she doesn't make fun of me for all the frozen yogurt i consume
. she doesn't get mad when i tell her something 'new' i learned even though she's been telling me for years i.e. eating my fruits and vegetables
. she gets spontaneous and goes to concerts last minute with me
. she doesn't think she knows everything [even though i think she does]
. she listens to me complain about things that are kind of ridiculous and quite miniscule in comparison to real life problems
. she always sounds excited to talk to me on the phone, even when it's the fifth time i've called her that day
. she calms me down and lifts me up in a way no one else can
. she likes to be lazy and watch movies with me
. she is incredibly selfless and gives up more than i could ever know for everyone around her
. she freaking gave birth to six kids
. i could always count on her being there when i got home from school
. she tells me i'm pretty
. she taught me to always say please and thank you
. she still loved me when i was going through serious high school/early college brat phase
. she gave me a pretty name and freckles
. she taught me that i am a daughter of our heavenly father who can do anything with the help of the savior

i love you mom! thanks for being my best friend. 
and happy mother's day to all the woman reading this, you've been inspiring to someone, and probably to me as well.

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Haley said...

she is a pretty great woman!
she gave birth to my childhood penpal, "Rose" :]
aaannnddd she introduced me to the wonders of eating salsa with scrambled eggs & i could never thank her enough for that (think San Marcos sleepovers... :)

ps. the new header is adorable! xo