Wednesday, April 27, 2011

break. part one.

my break was exactly four days.
finished finals thursday. started class tuesday.
oh, the life of a college student.
so, with my break being slightly less than miniscule, i decided to spend it doing what i wanted to do the entire semester: hang out with my family without the guilt of unfinished assignments overhead. and that's exactly what i did!
thursday: after my last final, i met up with my dad, lauren and the kids at inn n out for lunch. afterward we grabbed some yogurtland and then i took an extremely long nap [studying is exhausting]. then i went to dinner with dad, ben and the kids at a super yummy mexican restaurant. then lauren, dad and i watched 'morning glory' and 'life as we know it' [two two thumbs up].
friday: i slept in, messed around on my computer, showered and got ready [by this time it was 2. just livin it up] then went to lauren's to eat lunch and say my goodbyes. then i went to my grandma's, watched 'sabrina' and then niki, my mom and i went to a friend's graduation. luckily i ran into my bestie jenkerr! afterwards we went to malawi's for dinner and then headed down to st g.


-♥- lauren said...

i'm going to be real honest..

those are some CUTE kids!! :)

Ben said...

Those ARE some cute kids!! ;)

That was fun. xoxo

Lula. said...

Oops! This is Lauren, PS.