Tuesday, March 29, 2011

pizza with soul friends

there are some people who are just meant to be your friends.
saturday, sarah and i went to lunch with our dear friends codi and rachel. they are so beautiful and fun and we are always guaranteed a good time with them. when i first met them i thought they were so cool, i was scared to talk to them. then i became friends with them, found out they are even cooler than i thought and now i just thank the heavens every day that they consider me a friend.
we went to malawi's pizza, a new joint in the riverwoods that uses a portion of each meal bought to feed an orphan in africa. brilliant. look at us. catching up and feeding orphans. i don't know how you can get any more productive on a saturday afternoon.
i got the malawi capri. oh my goodness, divine deliciousness in my mouth. their menu was super healthy, the options were so diverse and you don't feel sick after eating it. approve.
i love these beautiful girls.
after we said our goodbyes sarah and i felt the need for some frozen yogurt. we just could not deny it. and trust me, we resisted... like, a lot. 
so we hit up yogurtland and, yum yum it was delicious. i don't know if i like it better than golden spoon... but it is definitely up there. i got devil's chocolate cupcake batter [yes, it is as good as it sounds] and peanut butter. with reese's cup, reese's pieces and white chocolate chip toppings. yeah... i kind of destroy any healthy connotation there is with froyo.
biodegradable spoons. once again, just saving the world with my eating habits.
i mark this weekend as a success.


Arrington's said...

Well a success is an understatement. I'm not going to be able to sleep until I try that pizza. Your life is dreamy live it up!

krkor said...

nice shots

codi said...

seeing y'all was a dream. and please. i feel like my low cool factor multiplies by 100 by being your friend.