Thursday, March 17, 2011

my [almost] horror of a day.

you may have noticed the lack of posts and creativity the past couple days. i apologize. i was pretty much waiting until today was over to do anything besides study, eat and sleep.

today was the last day to take both my accounting and stress psychobiology midterms. i've been trying to study for accounting as much as possible so i put off taking both of them until today. i decided in my head that i would study a bit in the morning, go to work from 9 to 3, study a bit more for accounting, take the exam, then study for stress psych and then take that exam [let's not talk about how i also had to write a paper by 11 tonight #iheartcollege].

anyway, it was about 1:20 and i asked my coworker if he had taken the accounting test yet. he said yes. i asked how it went. it went well. how about you? i haven't taken it yet. really? i think it ends at 2. no it doesn't. i'm pretty sure it does. we look it up. it does. ...oh suck.

so after a desperate laugh and plea with my boss to let me leave, i scarf down the amazing sandwich i made as i speed walk to the testing center. i look over my notes for about ten minutes and then go in to take it at 1:45. it took me about two hours and i did better than the first one [which isn't saying much ha] and i left in a daze, not wanting to start studying for yet another exam. i mean what is this, finals week?!

i called my sister and told her about this ridiculousness that is my life and as we were talking she helped me realize that it was actually a crazy blessing that i found out about the deadline right in time. can you imagine what would have happened otherwise? i would have worked until 3, studied for a few hours then gone to take the test and i would have been rejected, not being able to take the test at all plus wasting all that time i could have spent studying for my other test. i'll tell you right now, i would have shattered into a thousand pieces if that happened.

after i got off the phone i went into the library and studied for my stress exam. it took me longer than expected to study for it so, hi, yet another crazy blessing that my accounting test had a deadline. even if it didn't, i don't think i would have had enough time to study for and take it and then study adequately for my second exam, plus bust out my paper on time [which i totally did, what up].

let's just say today was a whirlwind of craziness in which i realized that, as much as i feel like my life is out of control and i have no idea what is happening ninety percent of the time, heavenly father does and he has what he knows as my best interest in mind and as long as i'm doing what i know is right, he will help me out in every way necessary to accomplish the things i must accomplish. should serve him who has created you from the beginning, and is preserving you from day to day, by lending you breath, that ye may live and move and do according to your own will, and even supporting you from one moment to another...
mosiah 2:21 

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Jessica said...

Holy cow! I would have freaked! Thank goodness for whoever helped you realize that (was it Jeremy?). I love the scripture you included at the end, too. Sometimes I wonder if I am even paying attention when I read the Book of Mormon---because I feel like that is a brand new verse for me! Love it. Love you.