Wednesday, February 16, 2011

challenge accepted.

the other day i was trying to figure out what i wanted to eat for lunch and i realized i have a ton of food in my pantry that i have had for forever that is still good and i just never use. 
so i decided to come up with a little challenge for myself: i will eat everything in my pantry [or eat at least as much as i can before i start losing nutrients] before i buy more food. 
this way i can save money, learn new recipes, and utilize what i already have. this only applies to my pantry because i need to buy fruits and vegetables and such like every week. and typically the more perishable the food, the better it is for you right? the only thing i will replace in my pantry is bread. because i cannot live in a world where sandwiches do not exist.
so, here are the contestants. let the challenge begin!
 not buying cereal will be a problem. it is my staple food. i have a bowl like every night. sad face.
feel free to take up this challenge as well. it's not as cool as a fashion challenge and maybe this is only a problem for me. i'm also a student so the most food storage preparedness i can really have is a 72 hour kit [which i do have, what up] so i don't really need to keep the cans around. i'll try and post the meals i make, especially if they're cool or yummy.


emily said...

it's a great challenge. i often forget what i have in my cupboards so you are super smart to do this! i will do my best to attempt it...

Jessica said...

GRITS! I love them! Eat them all!

Lauren said...

There's a lot to choose from!!! I like that kind of challenge! Can't wait to see what you come up with.