Wednesday, January 5, 2011

survival bands

we found out in september of last year that my brother and sister-in-law's unborn son was diagnosed with trisomy 18. it is a chromosome condition that is sadly not survivable. this has taken a large toll on their family as well as all of us who know and love them. my nephew's name is locke william arrington. matt and jade have amazing faith. we know that we will be able to be with him someday and are so grateful for this knowledge.

matt started making these survival bands as a reminder of locke and how we must 'survive' and cope with this news as we continue to live our blessed lives with a positive attitude. these survival bands are made of military grade 550 paracord. they are made to withstand insurmountable weight and help you in almost any survival situation.

go here if you are interested in purchasing one. they come in many different colors and styles and the proceeds go to the trisomy 18 foundation so more research can be done on the condition, as well as to help other families who go through this experience.

this is mine. for locke.


Morgan I. said...

Oh I love making these!

joe said...

i dig. we (military folk) make our own. while i have no intention of ever unraveling it for whatever purpose, i always wear it to rep :)

Arrington's said...

ah thanks for the shout out you are so sweet and supportive. Not to mention totally rocking the band:) We love you