Tuesday, January 25, 2011

four years time.

i got ferris bueller's day off for my sixteenth birthday.
on that day, i became friends with a guy in my grade named alex lark.
he said he loved that movie.
i said i did too.
we decided we needed to watch it together.
then junior year started and we kept reminding each other of the ferris plan.
but it never really came together.
senior year we would still bring it up, but no time was ever decided.
we graduated high school.
ok, we said, we really have to watch it now.
but alas.
i went off to college and alex went to australia for his two year mission.
with no ferris.
time passed, we wrote each other once or twice and then it was forgotten.
then. alex got back from his mission in september and came up to byu in january.
i got his number from a friend, we had dinner and caught up for a couple hours. it was nice.
then, the next day, it hit me.
i had completely forgotten about the ferris plan.
i texted him and he said he remembered that and we needed to make it happen.
and make it happen we did.

four and a half years later, we finally watched 'ferris bueller's day off'.
and it was perfectly hilarious.
high five, sixteen year old ahlin.

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