Sunday, January 30, 2011

baby brother bonding time

i hope you all have a brother who is as cool as mine.
or almost as cool.
i don't think anyone is as cool as him.
including me.
 he lets me drink his milkshake.
little girls are in love with him.
 he makes fun of my hair by singing 'mulan'.
 his feet are twice as big as mine.
 he makes funny faces with me.
 creeper number one.
 creeper number two.
we're pretty bomb.


S said...

As much as my younger brothers terrorized me, I love them eternally and they have been through a lot with me the last year :)
Love the pictures!
Siblings are the greatest

Adam R. said...

Your family is great! I love them.

Georgina Florence said...

davveeeeeeeeeed. i love our brother.
and ju.

Griffin and Gretchen said...

haha cute! i wish I had a little brother!