Wednesday, December 8, 2010

i do stuff.

just some of the documented haps of the past week or so:
leah and i went to the riverwoods and pretty much it was just an awesome date.
first we ate at marley's [which was so so good].
then we visited blickenstaffs, this amazing toy store where leah's husband works. it was so cute! i would definitely want to spend more time in there. plus, a whole case of european chocolate? um, yes please.
after a visit to called to surf [an actually pretty legit surf shop that brought me back to my california days...] we cozied up to the fire. seriously, this would be the perfect date this time of year. the lights are beautiful and the atmosphere is so fun & magical. they even give you rides in golf carts :)
saturday i went to my cousin chantel's baby shower. it was fun to see my long lost birthday twinner cousin shalee again. 
i love family.
that night i went to the best of divine comedy with my dear friend megan. it was sooo hilarious. seriously, probably the best i've been to. plus we got 'fast passes' so we could sit in the very front. thanks megan!
finally, it was my brother-in-law ben's birthday so i went over for a little dinner celebration sunday night. such a yummy dinner and a delicious upside down pineapple cake!
happy birthday ben!
so yeah. classes end in a couple of days. finals start next week.
i think i'm doing a pretty good job of keeping sane.


Megan said...

i think my favorite part is the title. i feel like i'm always having to tell myself that ya...i do stuff. oh and that date with Leah looked awesome- wish guys were cool and asked girls on dates.

leah marie said...

we do stuff!

love this! I am SO glad we went on a date! more to come... :)

xoxo. always.