Thursday, November 4, 2010

weeks go by.

i swear the weeks are going by faster than they ever have.
so here's a little picture book to the last few weeks.

in my sensation and perception class we did a lab where we were deprived of sight and then hearing. it was really cool! and it made me very grateful for my ability to see. sterling thought it was hilarious to make faces at me while i was blind. cool.
enjoyed our first snow. and a pretty sunset.
adam ruri came to town! so we ate dinner at guru's and then hit up golden spoon with a bunch of friends of course!
it's always good times when adam ruri comes to town.
i got these cute shoes in the mail from my aunt. love them!
got to see these cuties [along with their parents] for two seconds. love them so so much.
um, hearts in my cereal? yes please!
my outfit for my washington seminar interview, so i can intern in dc... fingers crossed!
honestly, i wish i could dress like this everyday.
lindsay gave me the best compliment when i came out with this outfit: you look like mad men. mission. accomplished.
and then right before she took the picture she said wait keep your legs crossed like that! it makes you look skinnier and taller!
hence the weird laughing face.
time is seriously flying by.


Adam R. said...

Awesome blog post. Good luck!

Georgina Florence said...

you're such a hottie.
i heart adam.
and the babies.
i miss you i miss you
i reallywannakissyoubuticant.

kara lynn said...

the effects on the photos especially the snow one are magical.