Wednesday, November 17, 2010


it's kind of old news that i've started to be healthy. i decided to change my old ways of avoiding cooking and produce sections at all costs back in june. throwing out the pop tarts [one blessed s'more pop tart at a time] and bringing in the special k. trading in eggos and peanut butter with chocolate chips melting on top [seriously divine] for whole wheat everything. and i actually bought produce which was pretty much a lost cause for the last two years slash my entire life. now i feel sick if i don't eat something fresh every week. it's a wonder i didn't die of scurvy or something years ago. my health conscious parents are so proud.

so even though this has been going on for almost six months, a fist pump of celebration still ensues every time i have a healthy meal. especially when i totally invented it and it totally rocks with yumminess!

so here it is. i call it super awesome healthy pasta salad of deliciousness.
so colorful! and the more color, the better. aesthetic and health wise :)
ingredients of fresh delectableness:
red bell peppers
whole wheat bow tie pasta
sharp cheddar
newman's own balsamic vinegarette
i added rosemary for experimenting sake but i would leave it out next time.

the best is that there are no measurements. measuring things always freaks me out. ha! just do whatever your heart tells you.
seriously, so easy and so delicious! and it was even better for lunch the next day.

i feel super cool now that i have a recipe on my blog. for even better taste [in all things] go here.

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S said...

Mmmm yumm.
And way to go on being healthy!
I'm getting there...