Monday, October 25, 2010

the worth of a soul.

last week my teacher opened a usually touchy and heavy topic with an amazing concept.
the concept was the worth of a soul. the worth of every soul.

he took out a dollar bill.
"how much is this worth? and don't say a dollar."
class: "100 pennies...20 nickels...10 dimes....4 quarters..."
he crumples it in a little ball.
"now how much?"
class: "100 pennies...20 nickels...etc."
"but it's wrinkly?"
puts on the ground and steps on it.
"now how much?"
class: "100 pennies...20 nickels...etc."
"but it's flat. and dirty. and crumpled."
class: hmmm....
"you can't change its worth, no matter how distorted, ugly, skinny, fat, warped this dollar bill is. its worth does not, cannot change."

i walked out of that class seeing everyone differently. every person i passed, i could see them for who they were: a son or daughter of our heavenly father, with problems and strengths and issues and tendencies of their own. with just a flash, a little peek, i could see their priceless worth and how much heavenly father cherishes them.


S said...

That is lovely :)

Li-Sha said...

what a neat concept:)