Friday, October 15, 2010

week in [camera phone] pics

my flowers at work that i bought at tj maxx. they make me happy. and my cubicle not so drab. love them.
so i read through obituaries at work. maybe i'll expound on that later so it doesn't sound as morbid...because i promise it isn't.
anyway when i was going through them the other day i saw this guy. and i was like 
oh hey qui-gon jinn from star wars episode one the phantom menace. 
my mom sent me home with a huge bag of chocolate covered raisins from costco. because she loves me.
and then i put them in my backpack where they sat in the sun the entire drive.
so now i am chipping away at them like some ravenous crazy person.
nothing gets between me and my chocolate covered raisins from costco. even the fact that it looks like poo.
got golden spoon. for free. because my punch card was full. don't judge.
pumpkin, just chocolate, and my personal fave, peanut butter cup.
my wonderful beautiful loving kind awesome artist sister niki went in not wanting anything. she came out with cake batter and peanut butter cup with marshmallow cream and carmel sauce for dipping. nice.
and, the day i've been waiting for patiently for an entire year: our annual this-is-why-your-important-slash-please-stop-getting-on-facebook-at-work-slash-you-guys-are-the-best work meeting. also known as free-cafe-rio-at-work day. hence why it's my favorite work day of the year.


Candice said...

haha I love this post, Ahlin! Looks like a good week to me :)

S said...

He does look like him!
I wish we had Golden Spoon here...jealous :)

carlotta said...

loved this post! aren't flowers the best? they brighten up anything.
and i adore chocolate covered raisins. adore.

Georgina Florence said...

i want a picture of me in your week in photos. that's it. i'm comin home.

Jessica said...

This post upsets me very much. I don't like that I can't see your flowers. I don't like that you were reading the obits without me (and yes he DOES look like Liam Neeson in episode I), and I especially DISLIKE that you had the Cafe Rio party without me. Dumb. Life is not supposed to go on without me. Got it?

P.S.--Did anyone steal your leftovers this year?