Friday, October 29, 2010


remember when i ran 13.1 miles in two hours and ten minutes?
i don't know if that was fast. but i did it.

i find myself lacking the motivation that i had for those few months in the summer.

and for no good reason.

i have a gym pass [which i didnt then].
i have enough time.
it's not nearly as hot anymore. [though it is a bit cold]
i love to exercise.
i need to exercise.
i have goals.

so why don't i get myself up and out?
i don't know.

i really admire my brother-in-law, ben. especially when it comes to self discipline and motivation. he's a rock star. a few years ago he started cycling super hard core. he would wake up early to bike, go during lunch, any time he could. now he competes in races that are completely insane. i just need a teeny tiny bit of that 'no buts, no excuses' attitude and i'll be good to go.

what are your tactics to just do it?


ktb said...

I definitely hear you! For me the best way to make sure I work out, or do anything else, is to be realistic with my expectations of myself. If I pretend that I will get up at 6am, it will never happen. So I schedule runs for times when I know I'll do it and if I have a busy day, I go shorter. And I tell myself that's okay. At least I'm still going. That's my advice--realistic goals.

kara lynn said...

ah you can do it!! i did a half once and now i have no motivation. something i need to work on!!