Wednesday, October 13, 2010

just a day in the life

on repeat: all things iron & wine.
hoping for: golden spoon tonight.
wearing: carlsbad caverns sweater i got six years ago.
happy that: everything always works out.
inspired by: this blog.
believing in: eternal marriage and families.
wanting to watch: house disc three.
can't wait for: pilates in an hour.
needing to: run more.
wishing: my lovely loving sister a happy birthday.
anticipating: 2011. it will be gooood.
tomorrow brings: free cafe rio at work suckas.
missing: duh number one and duh number two. and bear.
love that: i'm still on top of school. what up.

1 comment:

Rodriguez's said...

Snowbird..for a week..gotta see you sometime oh busy one! Loves, Maja