Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hun cal fro yo

this is all i want slash think about these days.
the only frozen yogurt place i like just opened here.
and it happens to be the furthest possible frozen yogurt place you can go to.
and tuesday double stamp night? genius.
curse not having a car.
keaton jolley indulged me in this craving last week. thank you kj.


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

everytime I see a golden spoon sign I think of all the people I still know working there back home...haha GREAT YOGURT THOUGH!

Keaton said...

you are very welcome young lady, it was amazing

Anna Hayes said...

i went to golden spoon here last weekend. it is far. and DELISH. anytime you wanna go.....i will accompany you. we shall hitchhike there.

joe said...

never heard of this place.
...don't you have a bike though?

Rob said...

Yeah it's good stuff that's fo sho

Sara L. said...

I went here when I was in Cali and it was delicious!! I wish they had them where I live. Get a scoop for me :)

ArrinManning said...


great place, pumpkin pie and graham cracker. great combo!