Wednesday, September 8, 2010

so many pics, so little time...

not really. i've just been lazy. slash doing homework. i'm starting to get my priorities straight guys. be proud.
so. here's the haps.
jillian[former roommate, current friend]'s bachelorette dinner at cpk
love all the vicki s bags
something's hilarious. or naughty. hahaha.
she is gorgeous. so happy for her.
me and rachel. love her.
codi girl, how did we not get a pic together? wrong.

niki had her art show friday, which was so good! 
my mom and sister kendall came down. love seeing them.

adam ruri decided to heal my heart [temporarily] and came back to p town for the weekend.
and owned jeff.
 more events not pictured:
read the entire book crucial conversations in three days for class [when i rather read mockingjay]
had a three hour heart to heart with my momma [she's so wise]
woke up on top of a mountain [oh because we campedhere.]
did homework on a holiday [because that's how hc i am. hc means hardcore. just fyi.]
cut will's hair [possibly the most stressful thing i've ever done. ever.] and my finger along with it.

yeah. that pretty much catches you up. i promise to blog consistently now.
word up.

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Adam R. said...

Best pic ever. Ha ha.