Tuesday, September 28, 2010

calling on you.

i was at the gym last night.
and after my run, i still had time to kill while my roommate finished up her power pump class.
so i just chilled and stretched and such.
and then.
this extremely attractive guy with the hair of an angel and the forearms of a greek god got a drink next to me.
and i was like. oh hey.
in my head duh.
so then i watched him for the next twenty minutes of course.
not in a creepy way. in a super casual cool way. cause i'm super casual. and cool.
and then.
i had to leave.
it was slightly depressing.

so. question.
what is slash is there a super casual cool way to talk to someone at the gym without being awkward and creepy?


Anonymous said...

"so ... you're back."

Marki said...

have you not seen she's the man? just be like "so how much do bench press....so how many can you do of me?" haha

S said...

"Do you work out?"
Just kidding :)
I should not be advising people on pick up lines.

Hannah Emily said...

"Your eyes make the stars look like they're not shining."

"All I want for Christmas is you"

"Excuse me, you look familiar. Oh I know where I've seen you; GQ"

"Were you that vampire in Twilight?"

[all whilst casually winking]

then crack open a water bottle and pour it down your face & hair to give the extra-sexy effect.