Wednesday, August 4, 2010

you guys are too much

 thank you alycia from crowley party for the award!
the rules of this award are:
list three things which you love about yourself.
post a picture you love
tag your peeps
1 - my hair and eyelashes. they're the only thing i'm consciously vain about.
2 - my ability to not get stressed [i may get crunched for time... but stressed? nope].
3 - my movie knowledge. i know everything. ok not really. ok not at all. but enough to have my family call me up to say 'hey what's the name of that one movie with that one girl and that one scene and that one song?' 'um it's [blank].' ' ok thanks bye!' love you too guys.
i heart this pic because sarahmaines and i are besties. and we are hot
and on a scale from one to ten i'm going to miss her, like, eight billion.

i tag

and thank you jennifer from life IS the messy parts!
for this award
share where you see yourself in ten years
and then tag more peeps.
in ten years...
i'll be thirty. and that's pretty much the only sure thing i know. and most likely graduated from college. hopefully i can be married with two, maybe three kids. i'd like to be settled in a house somewhere, no where in particular, maybe the east coast. that really is my dream. give me the man i love and the kids i love and i'm good.

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