Saturday, August 14, 2010

oh my yum

my sweet momma has introduced me to mango.
holy crap.
why have i not been eating this every day of my life.
my new fave fruit. fo sho.
i think i tried it once and it was like super hard. gross.
but my mom has shed the light on the truth.
it is a soft succulent sweetness that is like clouds of heaven in my mouth.
image via weheartit


joe said...

welcome to the club :)
p.s. if you ever get the chance, you should eat mangosteen

protip: using a credit card to cut through the skin seems to be the easiest method to get at it's flowerly royal goodness. (it is, after all, the queen of fruit)

p.p.s. regardless of what anyone tells you, the king of fruit is not very delicious. you should try it sometime though

Emma Jade said...

best. fruit. ever!