Thursday, July 29, 2010

this one's for llb. and my momma. and everyone else.

you're eyes do not deceive you. those really are mushrooms and i really did eat them.
so i've asked my sister lauren twenty billion things about different foods and what to do with them,
one of the recent ones being mushrooms. i just bought them for the first time ever- i used to not like them at all. funny how you can 'tolerate' things easier the older you get. anyway lauren told me how to clean them, cook them, eat them, etc. and i finally did it.
so i sautéed them [first time ever sautéing anything] and my mom told me a trick slash secret...
you can sauté things in water, not just oil!
brilliant because i don't own any oil. that i know of. and that saves some calories as well.
go mom. thanks for the tip.
i put some salt and pepper on them cause that seemed to be a good idea. which it was. even though i accidently dumped twice as much pepper as i needed. normally that would discourage me but it still turned out pretty great.
my finished product.
spaghetti with mushrooms and marinara
a toasted whole wheat english muffin with butter
a glass [half full] of simply lemonade
[and who can spot my premium performance multi-vitamin? it be makin me strong]
a salad would have been perfection. but alas. i have no lettuce. oh well.

guys. i'm so freaking awesome. no joke.


Sara said...

Mushrooms are so delightful, especially when sauteed!! Glad you ate them :)

And I didn't think about sauteing stuff in water either! I learned last night that you can use lemon many revelations!

Christina said...

That looks pretty darn good!

I am freaking DOWN with all the music you have on your playlist. I have been listening to your blog for the past 45 mins and counting!

Lauren said...

So proud. Looks delish! Way to go girl.