Friday, July 23, 2010

i heart utah.

when i first moved to utah at the tender age of 14 i was less than thrilled. but as months passed, i learned to love it. especially when i found out they had a holiday in july that no one else celebrated. july 24th, or pioneer day. if you work or are in school, you get the day off. and if it falls on a saturday or sunday we get friday or monday off
some people complain like 'omg utah, why do you have another holiday, blah blah blah' and i'm like 'dude. you get school slash work off. and there are fireworks. and parades. stop complaining.' 
i'm so excited for yet another lonnnnng weekend!
bless you utah and happy pioneer day!

check out mine and sarahmaines' pioneer day adventures last year...


emily said...

i love utah for this reason too. and i also get to spend pioneer day in utah. flying in tonight!!

Jennifer said...

WOW! I'm all for extra days off!!! Maybe I should move to Utah!

Anonymous said...

haha - WOW we did SO much last year! postpone hispanic day for next week?!