Monday, July 26, 2010

ahlin's special time with a r

weekend highlights:
hearing two beautiful new zealand accents for three days
reading the alchemist to adam ruri while he drove
blasting 'black box' by stan walker [we love those australian idol winners]
steering from the passenger's seat while adam ate
steering from the passenger's seat while adam read the alchemist [lasting about two seconds]
surprising my family by showing up in st george with zero warning
my mom tripping over gina's skateboard when she saw me
watching the last airbender cartoon with my [not so little] brother for two hours ["what happened to appa?!"]
shopping with my mom, buying a pair of shoes and a six pack of hane's boys v-necks
swimming in a sun-heated pool
feeling horrible when adam tripped over mose and scraped up his leg
running ten miles saturday morning
lots of napping
laying out in the 105 degree heat, while learning from posh spice
eating this massive burrito
cleaning the entire kitchen while my mom was gone [cause i'm the fave child. duh.]
just chillin
eating my weight in pizza and ben&jerry's half baked ice cream [not smart, ahlin. thanks a lot r and c]
hanging out with my parents
watching 'taken' with them and my friends
sleeping in my old bed [possibly the most comfortable bed in the entire world]
sleeping in
going to church 
finding out my best friend from high school was playing the piano in sacrament meeting
going to relief society with my mom
getting new music from the home computer
eating my momma's homemade bread before splitting
blasting efy music all the way home
learning adam's deepest darkest secrets... [haha. jk. just kidding.]
being smothered with love by sm and lo
hot tubbing at lauren's to make my sad sore muscles happy [ten miles guys. ten.]
getting seasons 7 and 8 from her [thank you for feeding my addiction lu. youda best]
cleaning my room slash organizing my life.
back in my bed
best weekend ever.
notice i watched zero 'friends' the entire weekend. kind of a big deal.


Anonymous said...

you have awesome taste in music. i love stars. what im trying to say is that you're pretty legit.
also, a while back you posted a link to a survey about people's perceptions of certain gestures. i would like to know what became of it.

Anonymous said...

oh hey... and i should probably note that the last comment was from george. i just type "joe doe" whenever the internet asks me for my name.

Jennifer said...

Mmmm that burrito looks yummy!

Trent & Brooke said...

ahlin- thanks so much for your sweet comment on our blog- some how it got erased! my blogger is weird sometimes. anyways, we are excited to see you!

Katie Marie said...

can i just say...i miss you? ok. I MISS YOU!