Wednesday, June 23, 2010


so... i'm not gonna lie.
i love my birthday.
like, a lot.
i don't really understand when others don't care about their birthday.
so dear future husband.
always make a big deal about my birthday.

anyway, for my birthday, we decided to make it a two day event. on saturday, leslie, sarahmaines, rob and will took me to j-dawgs [a really amazing hot dog joint by the byu]. we ate and sat outside and talked and laughed and took pictures. then we went to cold stone and got me some peanut butter perfection [my faaave].
then i went to best buy and dinner [thai evergreen! i heart thai food] with my dad. i got me some movies and new scriptures. thanks so much dad! after that i went back and hung out with the crew.

sunday i went to church [and my dad came with me to sacrament meeting. fun fun]. then i had to say good bye to my boys [very sad] and went to the rest of church [with an awesome lesson on the atonement]. after church my dad came over and i fixed us up some lunch before we went back to my sister's for a nap. i kind of chilled, cleaned my room, visited with some friends until around 4:30 when i went over to lauren's for dinner. she made yummy fajitas and a cake for my birthday! it was so nice to be with them on my birthday and to be with my dad on father's day. love you long time.
after that i went back to my apt in time for ward prayer where i was sung to and whatnot. adam ruri even made me a cake! i heart my friends.
lauren giving me my yummy yummy cake. twenty candles baby! count em.
i was really excited to blow out my candle's. for some reason i had totally forgotten about that part!
luci and cason with ben. they love their dad fo sho.
father slash grandpa with daughters slash grandkids.
happy father's day dad! i be twenty.

overall i'd say it was a great birthday! thanks everyone!

check out some of my birthday posts: gina, lauren, leslie. i'm telling you guys, i LOVE my birthday.


chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness!! HOW WONDERFUL!!!
your cake looks INCREDIBLE! and i love your scarf! so cute!
i'm glad your birthday was such a blast! HUZZAH!

Marki said...

Yay!!! happy birfday!! we need to play soon! when i'm not in ID! i wish you had come with SM! next time fo sho! also i heart your scarf. where did you get it? i might need to be a copy cat and get one! love!

Marki said...
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